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Best Nutrients & Fertilizers for Growing Cannabis Review & Rating


Best Cannabis Nutrients & FertilizersNutrients & Fertilizers for Growing Cannabis is a vital part of achieving a healthy marijuana plant with potent yields. The ability to control and disperse the right type and amount of marijuana grow nutrients is one of the main benefits of having your own set-up for growing weed.

Which nutrients should be used when growing marijuana depends on the life stage of the cannabis plant; vegetative (grow) or flowering (bloom).

Nutrients the cannabis plants needs during the vegetative and flowering stages are represented as N (nitrogen), P (phosphorus), and K (potassium): NPK ratios for cannabis nutrients.

The Optimal Nutrient Ratios for Growing Cannabis chart below summarizes the three nutrients you will need to feed your cannabis plant during the two life stages:

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Review of Best Hydroponics Systems for Growing Weed


Best Cannabis Hydroponics Systems 2016Hydroponics for growing cannabis is the method of choice for many pot famers. As the name suggests, hydroponics is a plant growing method that uses water instead of soil to deliver the necessary nutrients to the plant. Although it can be done indoors or outdoors, for most home growers, indoors is the preferred method for a variety of reason.

The main benefits of indoor hydroponics growing is the ability to better control and calibrate the cannabis grow environment and process. This control usually results in bigger yields that are faster and repeatable.

And when used in conjunction with a quality cannabis grow tent, the whole set-up can take up a corner of a room or even a closet. read more →

Pot Farmers Mart Launches New Ecommerce Website Platform for a Cannabis Grow Equipment & Supplies Superstore

Pot Farmers Mart Marijuana Grow Supplies

Cannabis Grow Equipment & Supplies Superstore Opens at PotFarmersMart.com

July 1, 2015:

Pot Farmers Mart is proud to announce the launch of our new online cannabis grow equipment & supplies superstore at PotFarmersMart.com. The ecommerce platform will aggregate a wide selection of legal cannabis growing equipment and supplies from all the top name brand suppliers in one simple to use state-of-the art website.

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