Botanicare CNS17 Coco Bloom Gallon

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Botanicare CNS17 Coco Bloom Gallon

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Botanicare is pleased to introduce CNS17 Coco & Soil Grow and Boom Formulas as an effective one part nutrient program. Dr. Lynette Morgan formulated CNS17 Coco & Soil to be used in applications that have coir fiber as the substrate. This new formula has an adjusted NPK ration that is specifically balanced for coco based soils, but can also be used in traditional hydroponic soilless media. While many of us know about coir and its excellent air to water ratio, many growers are still unfamiliar with the sodium levels associated with it. As coir fiber is processed it retains high levels of salts mainly potassium that can adversely affect a plant’s nutrient uptake.The cation exchange capacity CEC of a grow substrate refers to the substrate’s capacity to retain nutrients for the grow substrate to avoid nutrient loss leaching during irrigation and act as a guard against sudden shifts in soil salinity and pH. CEC is the sum of exchangeable cations positively charged ions soil can absorb per weight or volume and is usually measured in milligram equivalents per 100g meg/100g.Due to the high CEC inherent in coir fiber, a balanced nutrient program designed for coir substrates can greatly increase the performance of a coco based substrate by off-setting the Nitrogen and Calcium draw without increasing the potassium levels to an unusable level.



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